Thursday, October 16, 2008

So much to talk about...

I feel the need to give you a long laundry list of an update about the visit from my parents, the cheese days festival, brussel sprouts from the farmer's market that are easily my favorite food right now, last night's debate, the election night party Jared and I are hosting, a job update ...etc. But, really, what I want to tell you the most is that I learned how to make coffee today - all by myself. Who knew that I'd have to move to Madison, WI, to learn to make coffee. I did. But anyway, it was easy. I was kind of proud of myself. :)

Also, I have joined goodreads. It's like facebook but for readers... if you're on there, add me as a friend so we can share reviews of books. I told Jared that it is serving as motivation. You can list what page you're on of certain books and I feel the need to constantly read to keep moving it ahead. I have 18 books on my "to-read" list and I alerady own 16 of the 18!!!! So I shouldn't need to purchase a new book for a long while although I did purchase 3 new books last night alone. I shouldn't be allowed in Half Price Books... jee whiz! But, two of the books were only $1.00 each and they were authors that I've wanted to try but were leary of. So I thought a buck was an easy start with the author. Not a lot wasted if the relationship doesn't end well. :)

This weekend we have a free weekend so we're going to hang out, carve pumpkins, get more brussel sprouts and, hopefully, sleep in. Alright, well, I need to get going. Work calls. But things are going well this week. Kind of a busier week than normal but that's OK.

Make sure you take time to enjoy the beautiful colors of the falling leaves.

Alright, well

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