Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today's Sour Lemonade

I knew it was inevitable... the first time that I really didn't like it here... it happened last night and it has been carried over into the funk of a mood that I have right now. Blah! Anyway, we have this neighbor, Dan, who came over last night around 7:15 pm. He asked us if we could hear our dog. He was talking about Benton because Phinneas and Oliver were both asleep near me on the couch. We said yes, because we could hear Benton outside playing and barking and he told us that if we couldn't keep him quiet he'd have to resort to calling the police because of our dog's obvious distress. I don't know the rules here in Wisconsin yet but he was safely within the privacy fence of our backyard, the times of barking was between 5:15 and 7:15 pm. The dogs are well taken care of, sheltered, fed, bathed...etc. I understand that he isn't happy about it, but Border Collies like to herd, protect and bark. I don't know that Benton cannot NOT bark, you know? Anyway, it just put me in a sour grapes mood that I can't shake yet. Jared and I are going over to Dan's this evening now that we've settled down to see what would be a compromise. We thought that not letting them out later than 9 pm and not putting them out any earlier than 7:30 am was pretty considerate, especially when the noise ordinance doesn't start until 10 or 11 pm. Hopefully I'll feel better about this whole thing tonight but right now I just wish I were in Indiana, working at Butler, in my old house with my neighbors who love(d) the boys and their barking habits. I told Jared that if someone did manage to take away our dogs he would regret the day he ever moved us here. I'm just sick about the whole possibility. Blah blah blah.. like I said, today I have some sour lemonade.

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