Thursday, October 2, 2008

In the 40's...

It's kind-of unbelievable that it's been in the '40's the past two days. I wore a sweater and a scarf yesterday morning only to find that I was FREEZING! I felt like such a sissy, especially when these college kids were still wearing shorts or t-shirts with jeans. Today was just as cold so I whipped out the fleece jacket and the scarf...mittens in the pocket...just in case. :)

I started my new job yesterday and it's going well. I'm learning a lot about their new system...peoplesoft meets RP... not too hard but different. The people seem nice and parking (go figure) seems to be my only major problem. Who wants to pay to park??? Especially $8-10/day?? See my delima? I'm thinking about riding the bus but I have to get up the nerve to try it one day. It would save me a lot of money though because I get a free bus pass with my UW ID not mentioning the gas I'd save... so I'm debating.

I head to Indiana TONIGHT and I couldn't be more excited. I have my mom's 75 person 60th birthday party tomorrow night, followed by Nicholas's football game Saturday morning, a close family friend's wedding Saturday afternoon and my god-daughters baptism Sunday morning. An overall whirlwind weekend but it will be so nice to be surrounded by my family for the whole weekend. And I hope my mom loves her party. I'm already so anxious that I hope I make it through the day!!!!

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