Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My favorite, Lemon

It is with a sad heart that I must inform you that my fish, Lemon, passed away sometime during the night between Saturday and Sunday. I discovered him early Sunday morning as I let the pups out to potty. I woke Jared to have a quick service around the "porcelin God" because Jared is in charge of getting the fish out of his tank. I get too emotional if I try, plus I was crying and it was hard to see. I was extremely sad to see him pass on, but as I told Jared, God must have needed a beautiful, loyal and loving Betta to add to his own aquarium.

Lemon (as the title of the post mentions) was my favorite Betta. I had been able to being him back to good health after two major illnesses. The first was bloat (or dropsy). It's unlikely to cure a betta from this, but we did. After a few weeks of special water treatments, cleaning and medications, Lemon was as good as new. Then, a few months later, the pups were running around the house and their toy flipped up and smashed Lemon's tank. He, his water and glass shards went all over the floor and the end table. Luckily, I was able to find him flailing on the floor and get him into water before it was too late. He seemed to respond quickly to the water and he acted fine except his back fins had been torn or cut off by impact and he was bleeding. I don't know how bad the bleeding was because of the size of him. Anyway, by evening the bleeding had subsided and he was OK. Months later, the fins had begun to grow back. By the time he died, they were 3/4 back to the original size. He was a remarkable fish, pet and friend.

I get attached to my pets (as silly as it may seem) and I was very upset all day on Sunday. Jared said he would get me a new one but it wouldn't be the same. I said that once I was done grieving that maybe I'd want another one. Only time will tell. I do miss him every morning. I used to talk to him every morning and night when the pups were outside pottying. He was a great fish.

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