Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Walking in the Whispers of Snow

Walking to my car yesterday felt like I was walking in the whispers of snow. There were little snow flurries all around and I couldn't help but just smile... well, more like beam. Again, no snow stuck, but it was beautiful. It's what I always want on Christmas morning. Thousands of tiny snow whispers dancing through the air! It was a great way to start my evening.

Also, for those of you who know how indestructible my laptop is, I think it's nearly done. The milk, mountain dew, routine drops and hard wear and tear has finally caught up with it. Yesterday it took me FOREVER to get online and several of my keys quit working. In the past they've stopped working and then started again but all last night I could get them to start again. Jared keeps trying to get me to use his Dell so last night I did and I kind of liked it. It was really fast and it seemed to hold up with my wear and tear - aka Phinneas on top of it!

I wonder if its snowing in Indiana...

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