Thursday, October 16, 2008

Morning Routine!

I almost forgot. I wanted to share with you my morning routine. This is actually saving my life... I feel much more organized, my house is cleaner, I have more time to spend with Jared and with the boys! It's great!

Here it is:
Get up
Let out the boys
Throw in a load of laundry
Work out on the eliptical for awhile (15-45 minutes)
Unload dishwasher
Feed the dogs
Feed the fish
Feed me
Give dogs medicine
Give me medicine
Reload dishwasher
Reboot laundry
Ready (make-up, hair, dressed)
Hit shower cleaner
Swish and swipe the bathroom sink, mirror and toilet
Make bed
Put boys in their beds
Grab lunch and coat

I love having my morning routine in place. I feel lost without it. Kind of silly, I know, but I do. It gives me stability and I love having the place picked up and fairly in order when I get home from work.

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