Thursday, October 23, 2008

HIgh School Musical 3 and Other Fun Activities

My nephew and my sister are visiting this weekend. They are actually arriving today around 3. I'm actually looking forward to it. As I said before, I've tried NOT to plan but I have a little bit anyway! :)

Here's what we've got...
Tonight we'll go out to dinner, show them around town and just hang out. Then tomorrow, I'll let them sleep in. We're meeting Jared for lunch at Epic and going on a tour of his office since its so unique. After than I think Nick and I will take Ben and Fin on a walk to the park near our house for awhile. Then I think we may go out to dinner and to see HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL #3. (I told Jared that he could go see something else.) Saturday we're going to the Farmer's Market and we're going to see if we can get some less than face value tickets to the Badgers game... fingers crossed. If so, we'll go to the game or we may go to a pub and watch the game. Usually that's a lot of fun anyway! But both Nicholas and Steph LOVE football so I thought it would be fun! We may go up to the Dells on Saturday as well. I know Nick would like some of the stuff up there and it would be a nice day trip. We'll see what we end up doing... Then Sunday we'll get up, have brunch, get them loaded up and then they'll head out pretty early. They lose an hour going home and Nicholas has school on Monday.

I think it'll be fun!

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