Friday, May 27, 2011

Crafting on the Go!

I am not the world's best rider. I bring probably 3 x's the hours of activities I would need while in the car because I never know what I will want to actually do. J just likes to drive and listen to Handle on the Law. I, on the other hand, get antsy after about 5 minutes.

For our trip last week, we had 14+ hours of driving time between Friday and Sunday. Evening drives tend to be worse on me because I've worked all day and then driven until some late hour. On this occassion, my allergies were in full swing and I was getting sick so I (even more than normal) was dreading the drive.

To combat this, I had a loaded up IPad with Khloe and Lamar, Glee, Modern Family and Happy Endings to keep me occupied if need be. Apparently, I'd missed a whole season's worth of all four shows. But, like I mentioned before, I have to pack more than 14 hours, I need about 40 hours of stuff. So I also packed my craft items. I love crafting and it is relaxing for me, so I packed some things that I needed to do for this upcoming shower. Make sure when crafting on the go that you pack everything you might need (i.e. glue, scissors, tape, hole punch, etc) not just the craft items themselves. A key to making this work is to bring along a few pillows to act as your car "table." One should work, but I used two.

Then just get to business. You may have to get creative with space.

I had to makeshift a needle out of a paperclip because I forgot a needle. It was more difficult, but it still worked.

On the car ride I managed to watch four hours of commercial-free TV, made two strands of garland, one banner, wrapped 3 yarn letters, read a handful of magazines, finished a novel and chatted J's ear off. You can get a lot done in 14 hours... 

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Marianne said...

That all sounds about right for you :)