Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary... How Does Your Garden Grow??

On Mother's Day, we spent some time working on planting the garden. We planted the rest of the cool weather plants, re-raked it, added the pea stakes and put in a small fence along the back edge as a divider. Now, it just needs tended to until we plant some warm weather things over Memorial Day.

I gave up mid-way through planting on my shoes so I became dirty. J could hardly believe I was planting in bare feet with worms everywhere, but I did and I loved it!

Here are some close ups!  I just used some wooden shims as my garden markers.

It was nice to have some time out in the garden but it did require a shower for both of us when we got home. I, especially, was filthy and muddy!

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