Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, J, Twin and O! Our Fortune Cookie Party

This is birthday week in our house! My baby boy turns 4! Wow. And my love, J, and twin turn 28. Happy Birthday, J, Twin and O! I planned a party at a local bowling alley for J and twin on Saturday with some friends and family.

However, I also wanted something special for J, O and twin tonight on their actual birthdays. We're going to go to a local restaurant in town that specializes in birthdays for dinner and then when we get home we have a homemade fortune cookie tower/cake that J and I made last night! It looks so beautiful and I broke one so I got to eat it and it was delicious.

And, since gifts will be opened Saturday at the party, I asked family and friends to get me a "fortune" for the guys and I would put them in handmade paper fortunes to open as gifts on Friday night. J and twin each have 17. (I wanted 28 but the idea of coming up with 11 for each guy on my own seemed a wee bit daunting.)

I hope they enjoy themselves tonight. I think this weekend will be fun filled celebrations! Check back next week for tutorials on the handmade paper fortune cookies and the chocolate dipped fortune cookies and pretzels.

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