Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DIY -- Make Your Own Paper Fortune Cookies

I saw this super cute idea and thought it would be perfect for our Friday night birthday activity for my husband who loves fortune cookies!

The longest part of making these was getting responses from family and friends. Once that is complete, you can get down to business!

Start by cutting out your circles (about a 3 inch diameter), print and cut the fortunes, and gather up small rubber bands (optional).

Fold the circle in half wrong side out and gently crease a small portion of the middle.

With wrong side up, glue along the edge perpendicular to the crease.

Fold the fortune and place it in the middle of the fortune "cookie."

Fold the paper in half without creasing the other edge. You can either hold the paper together until the glue holds or get crafty and use household items like me (clothespins also work well).

 Once the glue dries and hold them together, you have little taco looking things.

Now you use that little crease you made to fold the "cookie" in half. It helps if you push in on the crease while you fold the edges in. To get it to maintain the shape, I used small rubber bands to keep them in place.

For storage, I used a clear baggie with each guy's name on it. This way they stayed protected until the big day.

The day of the party, I took them out of the bag, removed the rubber bands (they held their shape beautifully) and displayed them in the party area (aka the kitchen table).

Viola! It was so fun hearing them read their fortunes. A lot of inside jokes were shared!

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