Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend Run-Down

This weekend, J and I had a staycation and it was just absolutely wonderful. I did all of my favorite things (reading, gardening, snuggling, napping, crafting, sewing, painting), it was simply fantastic. We did so much that I just don't think I can show it to you all in one day! 

Here's a quick glimpse...

We made tractor crayons for someone's upcoming 3rd birthday (DIY instructions coming soon).

We snuggled and napped, a lot. (We also trimmed and bathed the dogs, gave P his shot and cleaned O's ears. They smell so good now.)

We finalized the herb garden. Yes, I snuck in a Lady Bell, too. My markers are popsicle sticks.

We painted, a lot...indoors, outdoors...and yes, I am using a changing table to store my event wares! Brilliant. And that is chalkboard paint on that old frame. I'll show you the finished product soon. I bought the old frame for $2.

We planted our flower beds. And our hanging baskets (including tearing up some old burlap bags).


We finished planting the garden, but we still need to stake my peppers once they get a bit bigger!

Look at that kale! It is so beautiful.

My beans and peas sprouted up out of nowhere! Wow!

I sewed, I read, I painted my nails, we went to the movies, we relaxed, we took a long drive in the country, we took a load of donations to goodwill, we went to the new 8am service at church, we got the backyard all organized, we cleaned and we crafted, a lot! I even got vegetarian Chinese food and a husband willing to sit in the same room with me while I watched The Bachelorette. I'm a lucky one. I hope you had a good weekend. This staycation was JUST what I needed.

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