Friday, May 13, 2011

DIY -- Fortune Cookie Tower & Chocolate Covered Pretzels

I saw this a while ago and I knew immediately that I would do this for J at some point in time because of his love of fortune cookies... especially chocolate dipped and sprinkled fortune cookies. I decided his 28th birthday would be a great occasion!

I scorched my white chocolate (that I had dyed orange), so I used all milk chocolate instead. Not as orange, but just as tasty!

 First melt the chocolate for a minute and a half, stir, and melt and stir in 15 second intervals until melted and creamy. Or, dippable, as J says. Note: When you think you need to cook it for just 15 more seconds, you don't! Just stir and stir and stir. Otherwise, you will meet the same fate as my white chocolate!

Start dipping! We set up a sprinkle station, too. Sprinkle as soon as you pull out the chocolate so it sticks really well! We had three different sprinkle options to choose from.

Then start stacking the cake being sure to fill in the middle as you go so that it doesn't collapse in on itself.

Build up until you're satisfied with the size and shape of the cake. Let them firm up overnight.

With the left-over chocolate, we dipped pretzels. Follow the same procedure as above, just place the pretzels on wax paper. We re-heated the chocolate for 5 seconds when it hardened. Worked like a charm!

And, trust me, these are just as good as they look!

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