Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DIY -- Pasta Mama from Good Morning Mama's

I love Good Morning Mama's... especially their Pasta Mama. What can I say? I have awesome friends who take me to awesome breakfast places when I'm in Indiana that I crave the rest of the year.

So, being in Wisconsin, I decided that I would make my own version of the Pasta Mama for dinner last night. I ran by Trader Joe's to get a bell pepper and fresh Parmesan since we have no food in our house right now. I got home and went to work.

Angel Hair Pasta (I used whole wheat)
Bell Pepper (I used red, they use green)
Fresh Parmesan
Tiny bit of butter or margarine

1. Boil the pasta to al dente. Do not overcook. Trust me on this one!!

2. Drain the pasta and put a tiny bit of butter in with the pasta so it doesn't stick together.
3. In a separate pan, start making scrambled eggs.
4. Once the eggs have started taking shape, turn to medium heat and dump in the pasta and bell pepper pieces.
5. Toss the pasta, bell pepper and eggs together until the eggs are completely cooked.
6. Lower the heat and add in the Parmesan.
7. Serve it up with a few shavings of Parmesan on top

It isn't just like the Pasta Mama and I did not put in enough Parmesan, but it was good. I'll eat it again, but nothing beats the real thing. 

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