Friday, May 20, 2011

DIY -- Yarn Inspired Ideas [Letters]!

I love showing you all what I'm working on, but I don't want to give it all away.... oooh, the conundrum! So, I'll show you some progress but not the finished product. Sound good? OK, good!

I've been spending some time wrapping letters.... it's quite fun, but it's also keeping me busy. You just wrap and wrap and keep on wrapping... you get the picture.

Supplies needed:
A wooden letter or cardboard letter
Tape or hot glue

Print and cut out the letters you need on a normal piece of paper. Trace those on cardboard (I used a cereal box.)

Cut out the cardboard letters.

Secure one end of the yarn with tape or hot glue.

Start wrapping....

Or, you could buy an already finished letter (like the wooden letter below) and you eliminate the first few steps. Secure the yarn and start wrapping.

The wooden letter was sturdier and didn't bend as much, but the cardboard letter was at a much better price point.. FREE. So, you know, pick your favorite.

I found this idea here and here! Both are beautiful! I can't wait to show you these finished and displayed.

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