Thursday, May 5, 2011

Garden Progress and Cinco de Mayo

I know it's Cinco de Mayo, but aside from eating Mexican food tonight, we're not really celebrating. We may order a pitcher at volleyball to celebrate, but really, we aren't huge Cinco de Mayo celebrators. No margaritas for us... just volleyball, sewing and cleaning. Plus, it's a big day in our house tomorrow so we're planning for that, too!

On another note, I wanted to give you a status update on our garden! It has now been weeded, de-rocked, tilled, raked and a few cool weather items have been planted. My starts are available this weekend for cool season and May 22nd for late, warmer season planting. Sad news is they are out of kale and chard... I am so bummed. Next year, I'll have to order ASAP but as I'm learning as I'm going, I guess I'm doing OK. I'm hoping to get some more planting done Sunday and have it look like a real garden.

I spent some time snooping around other people's plots and some people are PROFESSIONAL! I was taking tips from what they were doing and how they'd organized their garden. Maybe in a few years, people will be taking tips from me.

Someone who obviously knows what they are doing!

 I do realize this picture looks like a whole lot of nothing. I wasn't very good at getting pictures taken while I was working, so this is what you get. But there are no weeds or rocks in there and the land had been tilled at that point.

I think I should get an award for most incorrect uses for garden tools. I spent nearly an hour just staring at the equipment trying to figure out how to use that to get my plot to look like those around me that have started. Like I said, I'm learning as I go! If I never start, even if I'm doing it wrong, it will never get done. So I started and I figured it out, just a little late! This is going to be a fun adventure. I can already tell.

On a completely un-related note, Phin started his allergy shots last night. He took it like a champ! I am such a proud mama! Isn't he so cute!??

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