Friday, September 2, 2011


I'm crafting and projecting... a lot... but I keep forgetting to download the pictures! I have two SUPER cute and fairly quick projects I can't wait to show you. Seriously. You'll love them and want to do them on your own. Trust me.

Here's one I made as a gift for my in-laws for their anniversary. My MIL loved it... I mean, showed all her friends, carted it around town loved it. I think you'll love it, too. I'll give you step-by-step instructions next week!

Anyway, LONG list of projects to complete this 3 day weekend. I really hope that we can get it all accomplished. I'm doubtful, but J is determined. Since I can't paint or be around paint, my jobs will focus on decluttering and cleaning while J is busy painting! We went through our master closets and drawers last night while watching Rio (super cute, by the way) but I still have the top of one guest room closet closet and the rest of the other closet to sort through. But, little by little, things are getting done. I also have a few craft projects to start and then finish. I'm hoping I have the endurance to get it all done.

Oh, and J bought us this new bedspread set! I can't wait to get it! Ours from IKEA was just not holding up. :(

Spaghetti O's for lunch today... I'm kind of excited about that!

And, PS, I am nearly almost done with Christmas decisions. I haven't bought or made the bulk of the items yet (only a few), but we basically know what we're getting/doing for almost everyone. Is it a good feeling!! And it's only September! We're buying a lot now so that toward Christmas we won't feel tight for cash when we're trying to finalize the nursery, too. Budget, budget, budget!

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