Friday, September 9, 2011

Home is Where the Heart Is!

I'd seen on pinterest where someone glued coins to a cardboard letter to get a really cool effect... 

I'll wait why you go check it out...

See? I told you so.

Anyway, I knew that would be great to do in our house, too, expect I realized that nickels and pennies wouldn't really work and dimes would add up and fast!

I even tried nickels again to see how they looked... just too big for my piece but the clear stones gave us the same sparkle and shine for a fraction of the price and they scaled more appropriately to the piece.

Once I decided on the marbles, I started gluing.

And I kept on gluing for two hours! (No joke!)

But I ended up with a really cute and inexpensive project, even if it did take quite a while. This is going to go in our new guest bedroom. The room is ready but nothing is on the wall yet. I'll show you the final project once it's up!

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