Monday, September 19, 2011

What a Weekend!

This weekend was a stay-at-home weekend to get things accomplished type of weekend.

But did we? No, not really. Well, we kind of did but not what all I wanted. You know what I mean?

This weekend turned into a shopping, eating and napping kind of weekend. A rather lazy and blah weekend. It rained most of the weekend and is still raining today.

We had a few errands to run but it ended up taking us bits of Friday, Saturday and Sunday to get everything done errand wise. We had church Sunday morning. J and I went to his work on Sunday to help get him ready for his huge event this week. We had to make two trips, actually, but the boys got to ride along one time. The Packers played which meant we got a mint shake from Culver's for $1! Yum!! I did manage to get some household things done -- cut dog food, cleaned fish, dishes X's 3, chili made for work this week, picked up the house, laundry, etc -- but I had a lot more on my agenda to do. What do you do when this little guy keeps making you go to bed to take a nap???

J worked a lot in the nursery but everything has taken longer than we thought it would. Caulking, letting it dry, re-caulking because caulking shrinks??? (WHO KNEW?) Then filling the nail holes, adding the final corner-round trim in a few places. Repainting over the caulking and then, finally, painting the wainscoting. I dusted the dresser so it is ready to come in once the paint is dry. Then we'll start working on getting the crib set up and moved inside.

J and Twin went to the movies to see Drive while I stayed home and watched Jane Eyre with Ollie. The other two wanted nothing to do with it. Then J and I watched I love you, Phillip Morris last night. Am I the only one who was shocked to find out it wasn't about cigarettes and it WAS a true story? That dude was crazy!!

Oh, and Twin bought a new chair for the downstairs living area so we re-arranged that a bit with our semi-new couch. Our old one that O chewed as a puppy finally went to the dump. Pictures soon.

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