Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Everything Changes!

Everything changes... including the house! I figured it was time to start discussing some of the changes occurring in the house and what we hope to have done by the time Baby Brown this winter!

My workout room is now an additional spare bedroom...

My office is now a sitting area/library/workout room combo... don't mind the clutter, it's a work in progress!


The 2nd guest bedroom will become a nursery but it is an additional bedroom for now... even though the walls and wainscoting are there for Baby...

Before Baby Brown makes its appearance, we still hope to ...
1. Replace the downstairs sliding glass door.
2. Install the new backsplash in the kitchen.
3. Touch up the baseboard in the kitchen/dining room/living room.
4. Finalize the decor in our bedroom once the new bedding arrives.
5. Put up drywall/flooring in the downstairs unfinished hallway and make that my office/sewing area.
6. Put a ceiling in the downstairs sitting room and hallway.
7. Declutter and organize the garage.
8. Sell our old over-the-stove microwave.

Think we can get it done? I think so... especially if over labor day weekend alone we were able to transition the workout room to a bedroom, the office to a multi-purpose room and our guest room into the start of a nursery. J said all we did over Labor Day was wait for paint to dry which is fairly accurate!

I think we got this... just lots to still do!!!

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