Monday, September 26, 2011

Parents Make it All Better!

My mom and dad returned Friday. They always seem to swoop in and make everything better, more manageable, more done!

My dad has given Jared energy and productivity when he was flat out exhausted. Together, they installed a new front door along with new trim, bought and moved in a new rocker for the living room for Baby Brown, finished painting the wainscoting in the nursery, moved and finished the outlets in the nursery, put in new blinds in the nursery, touched up in the nursery, moved some furniture into the nursery, hung all new drywall in the previously un-finished section of the basement that will soon become our office/sewing area and taped and mudded the drywall. They had to wait for it to dry so they decided to rest (and my dad watched the Colt's game).

My mom cleaned, cooked, did laundry, helped me spruce up the decorations in my bedroom, helped me sort through my jewelry (a huge undertaking), made 1 of 2 dog blankets for the boys for Christmas (I made the other), helped me find all of the baby stuff stuck in our other guest bedroom for the nursery, and knew when to tell me to take a nap when I was pooped.

Aren't parents the best? Even with all of that, we've managed to go to some great new restaurants, eat some of mom's great home cooking, relax and hang out, celebrate my mom's birthday, watch two movies, get oil changed in the car, and I read an entire book Saturday morning. Yes, really, I think I got sucked in!

I love having my parents here. They've really helped us knock out some projects. Plus, they'll be here when we find out if Baby Brown is a boy or a girl. Seems everyone is still pretty 50/50!

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