Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monogram Gift -- DIY

As promised, I wanted to show you how to make the monogram picture album. It is really easy peasy!

You need:
Cardboard Letter of your choosing
Mod Podge
Printed Photos

I had my husband paint a base coat on the B before I got started so that the sides and anything else that showed through between the pictures would be covered. I chose a paint color that I knew would go with my MIL's home's color palate.

Once it was all painted, I laid out all of the pictures and tried to figure out where they would all go. Please disregard my crazy unorganized kitchen table workspace.

Once all of the pictures were placed appropriately, I started trimming the photos down to size. This takes a while and it starts to feel a bit like Tetris to get everything to fit how you want it to.

Once I was happy with the locations, I started mod podging everything on. I did the backs and edges first.

Once everything was glued down, I went over all of it with the mod podge to guarantee the photos would stay in place as I desired.

Once it all dries, you have an inexpensive and meaningful gift to present to someone special. This once went to my MIL and FIL for their anniversary this year.


chelsielynne<3 said...
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Mary said...

What size is that wooden letter? It's awesome!

wampumhome said...

Love this. I bought wooden letters and modge podge for my grandson as part of his Christmas gift (he loves art in any form!). When I saw your link in Welcoming house, I thought WOW.. great minds think alike!! haha.. but I had never thought of this like a 'grown up' gift til I saw yours.. this is awesome! I think my parents would LOVE this! Am going to go out and buy my own supplies now too! Thx for the inspiration and reminder :)

D1zzy11 said...

Where can I buy the supplies for this project?

Alexis said...

How big was the wooden letter B?