Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mirror, Mirror

I found this lovely mirror for 90% off at Hobby Lobby... from $60 down to $6! It had a few scratches and knicks on the paint, but the mirror and structure of the frame were still in tact. Somehow I managed to talk J into buying it. He was super skeptical!

I knew that we needed a new mirror for the new guest room downstairs. Since they will share a bathroom with twin, I wanted them to at least have a large mirror in their room in case they wanted to apply their make-up or do their hair in the privacy of their own room. But the current frame wouldn't work for the new room... so we changed it.

J painted on three coats of primer over the color, followed by a coat of our bright white paint. Once it was dry, I went out to help J tape off some stripes. Then he painted the stripes the same color as the room.

Once we got the mirror back inside and changed the orientation of the hooks to horizontal, we hung it up in the room! I think it serves its purpose and looks fabulous. For $6 you can't beat it!

It was a quick, easy and cheap fix for a serious need in that room! I am so pleased. I am so glad I spotted it and talked J into it when I know he thought I was CRAZY!!! :)

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