Thursday, August 12, 2010

All in Tico Time

Tico Time is similar to the Jamaican minute, if any of you are familiar with either of those. It's a very laid back approach to time management. Great for a relaxing vacation, not-so-great for transportation. Here is the story of our travels in Tico Time.

Optimistic in ORD. 

En route to Mexico.

Our flight out of Mexico City was delayed by 3 1/2 hours, which meant our arrival time was 4:30 am local San Jose, CR time.

Here we are... passing the time...

Upon arrival in San Jose, we prep for our leisurely drive through Costa Rica only to find out The 1, or The Pan-American Highway has washed out in one section tripling the length of the trip and forcing us onto lesser-used roads (which during rainy season, could possible be flooded, too -- just not washed out).  Because of this, we decided to fly to Liberia, which is only a half hour from our resort. Simple enough. Booked and done.

We arrived at the other airport an hour or so early, got checked in and started waiting. When we should've been boarding, we found out we'd been delayed. No big, you have to be flexible.

When we should be boarding that flight we find out that we've been delayed again and since that small airport closes, they'd have to move us back to the larger airport for our flight about two hours later. Again, no problemo.

 About a half hour later, they start to sweeten us up but surprising us with a pizza party. Yes, a pizza party. J was excited because they brought us Sam's Club pizza, except it's called the Super Compro there.

Once we were full, they dropped the bombs. Our flight was canceled and they were sorry but there was nothing they could do and no way to get us to Liberia. No flight the next day, no bus, no car, no different airline, not even a hotel stay. NOTHING. Well, for those of you know me, that wasn't acceptable.

I came up and he mentioned how, well he could maybe get us on a bus, and I said well that and a refund might be helpful. So that's what they did... a refund for the flight and he paid to get us to our hotel in Guanacaste via bus and driver (at least it was private).

Ah, Tico Time. At that point, we realized that for this trip it was going to be much more important to enjoy the journey and not just the vacation.

In other road related news, we ran over a HUGE snake in the middle of the road coming home from Nicaragua. A lawyer who was bumming a ride with us confirmed that it was indeed a small snake for the region, but if that was a small snake (taking up much of the width of our side of the road) I did not want to run into a large one.

We also encountered lots of pot holes as big as our vehicle -- not exaggerating. Our drives ended up feeling a little like a roller coaster ride because of the constant swerving.

Now that we're adjusted to Tico Time, it's a little difficult to be back.

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