Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Frosted Monogram

I saw these etched glass monogrammed vases at Pottery Barn and I thought, hey, I could duplicate that for a lot less. I also saw a similar DIY post on another blog, but she was doing this on wine glasses, and I can't remember what blog.

Anyway, I decided to start slowly by doing the frosted glass monogram as a gift for my MIL. She is really into vases and jars this season, so I thought a monogrammed one would fit right in.

You need:
A vase or jar to your liking
Painter's tape
A sticker of the letter(s) or the cutout of the letter(s)

Here it is in progress. I had to do about 3 coats of paint to get it coated like I wanted. Once I peeled back the tape, I had to use an exacto knife to help me get the "B" off of the vase. Then I scrubbed the excess paint off from the outside of the painters tape (where I shouldn't have sprayed). I sprayed it with a clear top coat with a matte finish to protect the frosting and to hopefully prevent chipping.

Here is the finished product. Fill it with your favorite goody to use as a centerpiece or accent piece on a side table.

It didn't turn out as crisp as I'd like it, but it's still cute and way less expensive than the pottery barn ones.  Next I'm going to try this on one of the square vases I have leftover from C&N's wedding shower.

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