Friday, August 13, 2010

Brasserie V and Perseid

Hold the phone. I have finally found it. Belgium frites right here in Madison. Made to European perfection, right on Monroe St at Brasserie V.

 Taste just like the ones from Belgium and the ones from Brugges in Indy. I am so happy to have found a substitute here in my neck of the woods.

Please ignore the mussels. I tried them one or twice in Belgium, but now as a vegan, it doesn't fit in my menu. But the pomme frites do and they are incredible! Head on over to Brasserie V for your own frites though, I'm not sharing! Here's a great review of the restaurant.

Also, for those of you (like J and I) that attempted to see the Perseid Meteor Shower at 10pm, saw none, went to bed with an alarm for 2am, decided to turn off alarm as it went off at 2am and slept through the shower but still wanted to see the meteor shower, click here. I must say that I did dream I was watching the meteor shower and we saw some cool ones. (Yes, J was with me in the dream and I honestly did dream it, so you know it was on my mind.) NASA did a live chat all night long and has some camera shots of the shower. Here's one. If you click here, NASA gives out tips for still trying to sneak a peak at some falling stars as Perseid winds down for the season.

Happy Hunting.

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