Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today is one of those days!

So I quite literally had some sour lemons today! I like to create my own delicious and fresh water made from combining slices of lime, lemon and orange. It is tasty. You should try it sometime. The container looks beautiful and the water is very refreshing. Well I grabbed for some today and apparently it had been a little too long since the lime had been in there and it was extremely sour. This was the start of my day.

I had my first ever cavity filled at the dentist today, too. The dentist said I did well. Does he tell everyone they did well? Does that mean that I really didn't do well?

On my way into work, I decided to drive by the Union and pick up my 2010-2011 bus pass. However, I somehow managed to drive along the pedestrian only State St today...directly behind a cop. How about those lemons! At least he didn't pull me over. Since it is move in day for grad students, campus was crazy so I think he gave me the benefit of the doubt. Thank goodness. I couldn't believe I did it, but now that I think about it, it was kind of cool.

Since it had been that kind of day, I have to post this incredible picture of my God-daughter. It will put you in the mood for Fall and Amish jam. I love her so much. I know this picture brought a big smile to my face today (despite the numbness).

I'll be posting about my cooking classes next week, but here's a teaser for you.

I hope you're getting to enjoy some sweet lemonade today. Have a great one!

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Heather said... glad miss Aubrey could brighten your day even when we are so far away:) can't wait to hear from you tomorrow!!!