Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quick & Easy Party Decorations -- DIY Idea

I knew I wanted some decorations for Phin's "party"... if you can even call it that... but I didn't have a lot of time and I didn't want to spend more than $5. I started with some placemats on sale from Kohl's plus we had an additional 30% off per mats which made them each $1. I got $1 worth of yellow tissue paper and I spent $2 on the navy ribbon...a little over $5 total with tax and whatnot, but pretty darn close.

I started by cutting up the placemats.

I didn't worry about sewing up the hem since they didn't have to hold up in any great conditions. I also didn't sew them because everyone was asleep at my house when I was up crafting and my sewing machine is right outside a bedroom. Fabric glue did the trick! I used the smaller pennants for above the dog bowls and the larger ones in the bay window.

I also decided to make some quick tags for the cupcakes. In Word I printed outlines of circles on the yellow to make them easy to cut and then I designed some navy circles with a letter or number inside for the party.

While at Concert on the Square, I cut and attached them all so all I had left to do when I got home was place them.

The yellow tissue pompoms are just that. A small segment of tissue wrapped around a toothpick, secured with a hot glue gun. You cut the top part into strips to get the pompom effect.

Both ideas were an inexpensive way to bring our celebration area to life. I also made a bandana from a leftover pennant for Phin to wear. Too cute.

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