Monday, August 30, 2010

How do you spend a free weekend?

J and I don't get many "free" weekends... ones where we don't have obligations or plans... so when we do, you'd think that we'd sit back, put up our feet and relax. Well, if you know us well, you know that's not true and that we hate sitting still (unless my nose is glued in a great book). So this weekend, with twin gone and nothing to do, we decided to renovate. Of course my paint choices were once again decided on a whim, but I think they worked out for the better. I didn't have any formal renovation plans drafted up but my head is always planning the next coat of paint, the next change, etc. I did a lot of shopping around the house.

The rooms still need last minute edits and changes but then I'll be posting some pictures. In the meantime, I can share some pictures from the weekend! I wish I could get some good pictures of the boys because they are COVERED in paint... it isn't funny, but it really is. :)

I love the one of Ollie. He has paint swatches under his paws! He just wanted to help, I guess. He looks so serious. He was probably thinking that I seriously needed to take him to bed.

This is J working on the first coat of paint downstairs. Yes, that is Back to the Future on the TV. We made it through all three Back to the Future movies, Stardust and Blades of Glory. I don't know what we'll put on tonight, but I'm sure I'll find something.

And, although we were renovating, we still needed groceries. And while we were at Woodman's, I had to use the bathroom. Imagine my disbelief when I walked in to find this...

I exhaled so loudly and started laughing before choking out, Holy Toilet Paper. The other ladies in there might've thought I was crazy, but I HAD to take a picture for proof. I laughed throughout the entire store!

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