Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today was another great day... 77 and sunny skies for the majority of the day! We left Newark and headed north on 95 into New Haven, CT, and Yale University. Drinking my morning cappuccino and walking around campus in the sunshine was just wonderful! I really enjoyed campus and just taking in the unique atmosphere.

From Yale we headed to Hartford, CT, and the Mark Twain House and Museum. We spent some time walking around the grounds, reading some famous quotes of his and just enjoying a piece of great American Literature and his life. It was nice to imagine him writing on the balcony and enjoying tea on the back patio.

Then we headed to Providence, RI, and I don't think I'm leaving! :) I fell in love with Brown, Historic Providence and the hills. It was incredibly beautiful. Here are some of the homes I'm thinking of purchasing...

Anyway, since I'd have to sell my home in Madison, I guess I'll just come home. But in all seriousness, we really enjoyed Providence. We toured the downtown and the north side of town as well as Brown University.  We ate lunch on Thayer Street near campus and bought some goodies before moving on!

Our overnight stop was in Newport, RI, and my-oh-my...have my eyes seen true beauty 'til now. The jagged cliffs heading to water, the beautiful mansions, the Ocean Loop Drive, the quaint cafes and stores... I couldn't get enough. I can't wait to bring J here.... summer vacation 2011??? J? There was a couple sitting on the cliffs drinking wine and eating cheese as the sun went down.. I wish we'd have brought some wine, too.

Needless to say this was a fun, relaxing day. We had no deadlines, no real time tables and no major hiccups. Once we settled in for the night we decided to go see Easy A at a small, local theatre. Cute movie!

Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod tomorrow!

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