Saturday, September 18, 2010


On Day #3, we began by heading southeast to the tiny coast town of Cape May, NJ. We spent some time combing the beach for shells and rocks... and we found some beauties. We enjoyed rolling up our jeans and wading in the water. The large, coastal homes were incredible. I loved the homes with the shingle siding.

Here are some photos from our Cape May, NJ, stop.

Our second stop was to visit Lucy... Lucy the elephant. We found her in this charming town in Margate, NJ. What a funky attraction?!

The three-story tall beauty even graces the town's water tower!

Our final Jersey Shore stop was Atlantic City and we both left disappointed. The vintage charm was absent and high rise casinos and indoor/enclosed piers now line the boardwalk. We're glad we experienced it but it isn't a place we're dying to go back to. We parked at Trump Plaza for its central location and meandered along the boardwalk for awhile and had lunch. It just wasn't our cup of tea. This did mark M's first time to a casino and the maze of mirrors inside the Plaza freaked her out a little!!

Oh, and no Snookie or The Situation sightings.

We did drive to Newark, NJ, and go into NYC the same night but I'll be posting about NYC in a separate post that covers our stay in NYC altogether.

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