Thursday, September 16, 2010


We left Pittsburgh around 5 am this morning. I was so tired after going to sleep at 1 am that M had to drive the first 3 hours while I was passed out! I did wake up feeling refreshed and awake when we arrived in Hershey, PA, The Sweetest Place on Earth! So adorable.

We went to Hershey World and went on the chocolate tour where we were treated to a FRESH Hershey bar sample. The chocolate bar was warm and gooey so good...and I promise you that they pump the chocolate scent into the air. All I wanted was to eat chocolate!! We also created our own chocolate bar. It was so fun to see our bar through the entire production process. Top notch tourist attraction there. I loved it... including the aprons and hair nets. M looked just like I Love Lucy!

(Notice my bar right above my thumb! It was milk chocolate, rice bites, vanilla chips and chocolate chips with sprinkles on top. It was so thick that some of my sprinkles got knocked off in the production process!)

After Hershey we headed to Wilmington, DE, for lunch. The drive was just what I expected Pennsylvania to be... rolling hills, large farms, beautiful foliage, etc. We relaxed and enjoyed the state of Delaware for awhile and headed back into PA and on to Philadelphia.

In Philly we checked into our hotel in the Historic District and headed to the Independence Hall for our pre-booked tour. It was like straight from a history book. You could just feel the strong American history all around.

Then we checked out the Liberty Bell and its surrounding displays. It was a piece of iconic American history and it was incredible to see. It is a wonder how the city of Philadelphia just blossomed around these historic treasures but left them completely in tact since the 1730's.

After our history lessons we went over to the Reading Terminal Market for dinner. It was a really nice walk through downtown Philly.  We had dinner there and I even found a VEGAN philly cheese steak! Incredible! Soy is amazing! And it was delicious to boot.

Delicious crepes were on the menu for dessert! Yum!

On the way back we got stuck in a thunderstorm/monsoon, so we cabbed it back to the hotel! Awesome, awesome day. NYC here we come!

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Jenny said...

It's amazing how much that vegan cheesesteak looks like the real thing! Glad you guys had a fun time in Philly! :)