Thursday, September 2, 2010


As you know, J and I are renovating. We nearly have the downstairs living room complete and after tonight the guest room should be 100% complete as M&D will be staying in said room tomorrow night (so we have a concrete deadline).

With those rooms nearing completion, we're turning our attention to the office. I already have the paint that I'm using for the stripes and we're keeping the current color for the base as it works perfectly with my new chaise that I go off CraigsList.

Here is the office as it is now. I've removed a few things and switched a few things around since this was taken, but the bones are the same.

 The stripes for the room will be in Cappuccino White by Behr, the current wall color is Jackson Tan by BM. I'm trying to decide how many stripes I need to do on the wall. The room is pretty short as it is in our basement. I initially was thinking 5, but now I'm leaning toward 7. I love the entryway from The Life of Riley (see below).

How many stripes do you think we should do? Would 5 be too thick?

I'm also pulling some of the blue out of the space and adding more textures as well as creams, coral and a minty-white green... a green that makes you think, is that seafoam, is that white??

The new chaise we got is a similar shade to Jackson Tan and it looks lovely. Add a couple throw pillows and I'm in business.

I got some great new lamps for the space, too. I can't wait for my dad to arrive to help me figure out how to see through the stripe painting. I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

Let me know what you think!

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