Thursday, September 16, 2010


NOTE: This was from last night. I got so sleepy that I fell asleep without posting!! Enjoy!

We have made it to Pittsburgh and I am in the company of the amazing Jeff. I couldn't be happier -- well, ok, only if J were here with us -- but we're really having an awesome time! I have really missed him something terrible.

I had a great drive across the midwest yesterday and today, but it has been so nice to relax with M and Jeff. We had an incredible Italian dinner after touring the Andy Warhol museum and walking along the river and the Pirates and Steeler stadiums. I still love the north shore!

I need to say that Henry the Honda has done well so far even if M has struggled to get adapted to him and his unique hybrid style. We named our GPS Talullah, Lou, for short...she is a bit wonky, but we love her smooth navigational style. She always knows where we need to go.

I am full, tipsy, tired and exhilarated. I think I need to sleep. Tomorrow I'm going to have sore ribs/stomach muscles from laughing so much. We head to Philly at 5 am! This stop has totally filled me with love, laughter and light that I really needed. Despite being tired, this has been an incredible first stop!

PS: One major thing I have learned about Henry is that he has bad acoustic resonance in that when I sing at the top of my lungs it just doesn't sound as lovely as it should. Darn, Henry!

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