Friday, September 3, 2010

What a bust!

We looked for curtains... and we looked...and we looked and I finally thought I'd hit the jack-pot with one of these two.

No such luck! We took all of them back to the store. I've even looked online... I just haven't found the right set yet. Our shopping experience was quite a bust.

In other news, I was going to make an awesome quinoa recipe for dinner. I even set my quinoa out before work so it could "sprout" and rinse all day. I was so proud of my preparedness. I got home from shopping (discussed above) and began making my quinoa. I don't know what happened... it cooked up perfectly, the veggies and quinoa (individually) looked and smelled great, but when I combined the two it was horrible. It looked like it should have been so good, but there was no flavor. It was bland, bland, bland. I kept adding spices to it to liven it up and it still fell short. I was so bummed that I ate chips and salsa for dinner. Next time I'll add more onion, more garlic and more paprika. Maybe more everything in the spice arena.

Shopping was a bust, dinner was a bust... but in brighter news... my parents are in route to my house! I couldn't be more excited!!!

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