Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today we covered the Cape Cod National Seashore, Boston, Cambridge, Harvard and Salem. We experienced a lot in a really short time.

This morning started with a walk along the pier (above) and town in Provincetown. Once we headed out of town, we went to the National Seashore where we walked along the picturesque beaches and M looked for shells while I played with any dog I could find -- a 10 month old golden named Carter to be specific who happened to "follow" us to every beach we managed to go to. The views were just what my heart had been waiting for. The tall prairie grass, the blue skies, sandy beaches, and cute wooden fences. Now this is pure pleasure!

After we left the Seashore, we meandered down the Cape stopping for pictures and just taking in the area. We arrived in Boston around lunchtime so we parked, shopped, ate and toured the Fanheil Hall area. What a fun section of town? M ate some Clam Chowdah and some Bahston Cream Pie. Love the accents... How You Doin'? We even got our picture with a giant Kraft macaroni... Nick, isn't this great? Go, Kraft! The kid thought we were so gorgeous -- oh, well, maybe just funny looking -- that he took our picture, too. Maybe we'll end up on the cover of a Kraft macaroni box. HAHAH! I couldn't believe how much of Boston was so close together... but, boy, was parking steep!

After Boston we went to Cambridge to tour Harvard. What a site? Simply gorgeous and the atmosphere was less stuffy than I thought it would be. I guess I thought it would be more serious, but it was actually a really nice visit. Everyone we met was friendly and it was easy to navigate around campus. We also got a nice glimpse into Cambridge as we came in and out of campus since "Lou" was having some problems.

Once we got checked into our hotel, our last stop was in the historic district of Salem where the Salem Witch Trials were held. What a night? We started by meeting my supervisor's best friend, Tony, at a local Thai restaurant. He's vegan, too! It was fabulous. I, for once, got to share a meal!!!! Oh, the simple things. Anyway, we started with boiled endamame (my favorite) followed by pad thai (no egg) and ginger sesame tofu. YUM! Both dishes were great. The tofu was tossed with bell peppers and water chestnuts.

After dinner, Tony headed home and we headed to our Night/Ghost Tour of Salem. SCARY! I don't like scary to begin with so why I thought I'd like a ghost tour was beyond me, but it kind of seemed like the thing to do around here. The tour was about an hour and a half through the 10 most haunted spots in Salem. Again, SCARY! Not just spooky, but SCARY. Did I mention it was scary.  See any ghosts below?

A lot of fun facts but I sincerely hope that I sleep tonight since we have a long drive tomorrow. I think I should be ok.. I hope!

Another fun and busy day!

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