Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cooking Class -- Cooking Clean

Last night wrapped up my cooking classes for the month and I really learned a lot of valuable skills, recipes and nutritional knowledge.

Here was my class line-up:
Cooking Clean 101: Fruits and Vegetables at Willy St Co-op, T 8/24
Knife Skills at Williams-Sonoma, S 8/28
Cooking Clean 102: Grains and Legumes at Willy St Co-op, T 8/31

All of the classes were great, but the cooking clean series was phenomenal. It was the first time a class had been done on that topic but the instructors did a great job and I'd sign up in a heartbeat if they offered more... may I suggest how to make your own vegetable stock and how to make sprouted breads?? Please, and thank you.

The classes really fit into my knowledge and thirst for more awareness of what I'm eating and how what I'm eating affects the rest of my body. I got a lot more than I bargained for. I even made a friend!

Here are some of the goodies we made and enjoyed. If you want a recipe, let me know. I got to make and try millet for the first time. It was really nutty but really delicious (2nd photo, right side).

All of the food was great and I just showed a couple of my favorite dishes. I am no longer afraid to cook with herbs and I've learned the importance of adding seaweed to bean and grain dishes. I prefer wakame. I also learned that all salts are not created equal. Watch out kitchen! I've already successfully make sauteed veggies with baby bellas and cilantro and a mint lemonade.

And, while I was window shopping Saturday morning after the W-S class I fell into a slight obsession with this at Pottery Barn...

(it's the runner pictured above...and I love it)

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