Monday, September 13, 2010

Our New Living Space!

Here are some photos from the newly painted and redecorated downstairs living space... aka our game room, movie theatre, dog pad, turtle home, etc! I still need to swap out the pictures of the dogs in the first picture, but I keep forgetting to order the prints of the scenery shots I'm using.

It's a whole lot warmer, cleaner and more cozy! The only thing I purchased was the curtain rod for above the turtle tank for $6 (40% off at Hobby Lobby) and an additional curtain panel ($20 site to store from Wal-Mart). We did end  up using 3 gallons of the paint and 2 gallons of semi-gloss white for all the doors and trim.

Oh, and the art arrangement above was inspired by the set-up from PB below. How'd I do?

 I think the change is great for us right now!! I love the way it turned out!

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